Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NBA Draft Lottery 2013!!

Even though the playoffs is fully underway teams that was not as fortunate this year has something to look forward to tonight, the draft lottery will be aired 8:30pm ET just before the Grizzlies - Spurs second game.

Down below you can see the chances of winning the lottery, of course Orlando Magic with the biggest chance of taking the lottery home after ending up with the worst record in the NBA. This draft does not have any player with that superstar talent just looking at them but we have been surprised before, Noel despite recovering from an ACL injury he is still at top of many teams lists but he has though competition from McLemore.

For tonight we will focus more on the lottery and not the players!

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Oh Right we got trolled by Kobe announcing his "big surprise" turns out it was for a good cause but not what we expected really.

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