Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dwyane Wade Injury Update

Wade has been bothered by injuries for years now and this season is no exception, as of now he is doing all in his power to keep his knee fit for games but it is showing in games that Wade is not 100%, there was a lot of scared Miami fans after Wade left the game in game 5 against Bulls but according to Coach Spoelstra he was "changing shoes", I think we all who know about Wades injure riddled knee knew what he was really doing in the locker room during game time, but to many Heat fans and basketball fans relief he came back and showed some vintage Wade in him by throwing down a vicious putback dunk

Yeah I know nasty nasty nasty, in fact it gets three Wades out of five for coming at such a crucial time in the game and also blowing out some air from the Bulls team.

But this dunk as previously stated came after going in to the locker room and probably treating his knee which probably needs surgery like yesterday, he also followed this dunk with a few other clutch buckets to secure the win for the Heat.

Dwyane Wade was asked yesterday about his injury at practice, he keeps saying he is hurt but that he will play regardless.

We will see how he comes out in the series against Pacers, if he follows the trend he has set in this years playoffs he will keep up his in game inconsistency  by playing good to great in one of the half followed or started by a terrible other half. 


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