Sunday, May 19, 2013

My thoughts on the 2012/13 season this far

This year has been a season riddled with injures on key player after the other, the former MVP Derrick Rose was first to go out and he kept fans hoping he would come back but he did not that is a decision I support although I do not like the way he kept his fans hopes up for nothing. Bulls ended the 2013 season brilliantly, never in my years of watching basketball have I ever seen a team come up with game after game shorthanded and not only compete with the current champions but also challenge them in each and every game, what we saw out there was a testament that team basketball mixed with 100% effort on every possession still can get you far. Now think about the same Bulls with a healthy Rose, Deng and Hinrich also out there competing.

Other than the Bulls injuries we also saw a Lakers them out of rhythm all year with three different coaches and injuries to all key players, this team should have been competing for the championship instead Kobe gets a torn Achilles and there goes 12/13 season for the Lakers. Lakers still had a fairly talented team on paper but the way this team is built they are very dependent on Kobe to create for himself and for his teammates, not saying this would have gone any other way even with Kobe there but me oh my did it look bad on the offensive end without Kobe. Dwight did not have the monster season that he was expected to have with Nash running the point (in his defense here Nash was not suited up for majority of the games.) But Dwight came in to the season with a nagging back injury that hunted him through the whole season.

Other than these two teams that should have been able to do more harm with a full roster the Denver Nuggets got hit hard by the Gallinari injury, Celtics had Rondo injured, Andrew Bynum did not even suit up for the Sixers and Danny Granger is has been out all season for the Pacers that next week will face the Heat in the Eastern Conference finals,  an interesting matchup for the Heat that may struggle with containing the 7'2  Hibbert.

Injures are never fun but they are part of the game and that is how it goes at times, this year has been one of the most injury riddled seasons but still a great NBA season for those with no horse in the race anymore.

I expect the Pacers to give Heat a run for their money because of the advantages they have in the front court, David West and Hibbert is a very solid front court and with George and Hill in the back court trying to contain two thirds of the big three we may have a 6-7 games series that I in the end think will end in favor of the Heat.

Looking at the West Spurs has once again had a fantastic year, age does not seem to bother a very concentrated Tim Duncan and he has put up prime like number per 36 minutes, in his two MVP seasons (2001-2003) he averaged a combined 22ppg/11.5rpg/3.4apg/2.4bpg compared to this season where he averaged 21.3ppg/11.9rpg/3.2apg/3.2bpg. Of course these are per 36 minutes, offensively Timmy is still the same man he was years ago, granted he is not the dominant defender anymore but still at elite level only thing standing in the way of young Timmy is stamina.

Tim Duncan 2012-2013 per 36 minutes

Be happy Timmy players with a successful career as you can be counted on the human fingers, players that has been this good for the number of year you have is much shorter list.

I hope to get more active here now with more time on my hands thanks for reading and if you like what you read I'd love if you could share it to whoever like basketball! Comment, if you have any questions.


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