Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let's talk about the 13/14 season

With the season having started we can early see the contenders and the teams playing for Wiggins and franklt there has not been a lot of teams that has surprised so far. Pacers stands alone now as for being undefeated being led by Paul George who has played nothing short of amazing. 26/8/4 is what we have seen from him throughout the first five games. I knew he was going to have a great year but I did not expect to see such great numbers but I doubt he will keep it up seeing as he will sooner or later have to share the ball with Granger but that is only positive if you ask me, he will add another scoring threat on the perimeter for Indiana solidifying them as Miami Heats biggest threat for the year.

Denver Nuggets  who is one of many teams this year with a rookie coach and although Brian Shaw have been around the league for years dating back to his playing career starting 88' and later on assisting the Zen Master during his second spell with the Lakers. I have not had the chance to watch the Nuggets so far this season but the team with the second longest playoff streak seems to be coming to an end as I was expecting. The fans should be happy they have year after year put up a great team but always been one star short of being a true contender. So a bit leeway and a lot of patience should be given to Brian Shaw during his first two-three years with the Nuggets.

The Spurs as usual mangling true the regular season and, you keep asking yourself when will this end? The team has won at least 50 games ever since Tim Duncan got drafted except for the 98/99 season where they won 37 games but that was out of 52 and they were on pace for a 60 win season and ended up winning the finals against the Knicks. This team has been counted out ever since their last ring and year after year they have been in contention. Last year they were a rebound and a three pointer away from a fifth ring but sadly it never happened. A team like Spurs really have to be respected whoever your allegiance lays with.


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