Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday basket!

Not much that beats NBA on Sundays, games after breakfast and all day long, you get the chance to catch most of the game.

Today five games will be played with the Thunder @ Raptors already under way, let us do some prediction for the day!

Thunder @ Raptors - This prediction is being made while the game is in the third quarter with Thunder leading with seven points, Raptors have been doing a great job as of late with Bargnani out but today Thunder will take this home.

Winner: Thunder

Wizards @ Heat - Last game these two faced each other Wizards surprised the Heat and won and even though Heat have faced a bit of a speed bump as of late it would surprise me one more time if Wizards even gets close.

Winner: Heat

Bobcats @ Pistons - Both coming of games on Friday with Bobcats losing another one while the Pistons took home the game against the Hawks, Pistons have been flowing on all cylinders lately and at home this should be their 14 win of the season.

Winner: Pistons

Grizzlies @ Suns -  Grizzlies fourth in the though west while the Suns struggling at times to score inside and also having problem inside on the defensive end, this one will be fun for Marc and Z-Bo!

Winner: Grizzlies

Nuggets @ Lakers - Lakers defense still atrocious, while their offense still keeps them in the game. Kobe who has been playing some amazing basketball and had a great game could not hold off the Clippers as Chris Paul took over.

But now they are playing the Nuggets, and if this game was in Denver I would think about this one twice but Denver is not making it happen on the road 8-14 away from home but 11-2 at home, this can't continue if the want any success in the playoffs.

Winner: Lakers

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