Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clippers wins for the second time against the Lakers!

It didn't go quite as I expected yesterday, but not a surprise a lot of 50/50 games and it was actually a pretty exciting day, Heat faced the Bulls, Wizards took the Nets to double OT and then the Los Angeles face-off. But lets look at my predictions.

Kings @ Raptors = 105-96
Nets @ Wizards - 115-113
Cavaliers @ Bobcats - 106-104
Hawks @ Pistons - 84-85
Bulls @ Heat - 96-89
Pacers @ Celtics - 75-94
Trailblazers @  Grizzlies - 86-84
76ers @ Thunder - 85-109
Rockets @ Bucks - 115=101
Jazz @ Suns - 87-80
Lakers @ Clippers - 102-107

As you can see not a successful day but I did get 5/11.

But the story of the day though have to be another Laker loss despite another superhuman performance by Kobe Bryant who finished of with his 20th 30 point of the season game after hitting 15/25 from the field giving him 38 points. It is obvious for the objective eye that Kobe Bryant is not the problem for the Lakers, the problem is Pau Gasol not getting enough touched in the post and when getting there it is just not the same for him, secondly Dwight needs to get his defense together or this team is doomed because offense is not a problem for this team they are actually sixth best offense in the league and lastly the bench needs a upgrade Meeks is just not doing it for them right now.

Kobe who yesterday opened a new Twitter account already have 400 000+ followers. this has been done before but quickly been closed this time we hope Mamba stays on Twitter and we get to see more of the new outspoken and uncensored Kobe Bryant.

Brook Lopez the man that can't seem to ever do anything right according to critics (Shaq excluded here) but this man have been putting it together this season, fatigue still seems to be a problem but in little less then 30 minutes he is getting 19/7,5 so his rebounding isn't Bargnani bad anymore, he's definitely one of the best offensive centers in the league maybe the best we have to see how Bynum does when he gets back first.

Bulls with the win takes over the fourth spot from the Pacers so we now this team is not going to tank which kind of surprised me, but all for the better now we can hopefully get to see Derrick Rose back in late February and or March.

For today we will see ten games played with the main event being Warriors @ Clippers but this will be though for Clippers playing their 4 game in 5 night.

I will write my predictions for today later on!

And I leave you with this vicious dunk by Kobe on Chris Paul


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