Friday, January 4, 2013

NBA 4 January 11 games

This Friday we will get the chance to see 11 games going out first is Toronto hosting Sacramento, coachless Brooklyn traveling to Washington and Charlotte vs Cleveland.

Kings @ Raptors - Both teams have had a good stretch as of late Kings have won four out of their six latest games while the Raptors with Bargnani still out keeps winning, matter o fact since Andrea went down Raptors have won eight out of the last ten games losing only to the Nets and Spurs.

Raptors will also miss Jonas Valanciunas and Linaz Kleiza but the game being in Air Canada I would put my money on the Raptors.

Winner: Raptors

Nets @ Wizards - Albeit Nets haven't been playing good as of late there's no chance in the world I would put a dollar one the Wizards, Nets playing without a coach but Deron Williams have been showing signs of life and should be doing good with some creative freedom with Avery gone.

Winner: Nets

Cavaliers @ Bobcats - After starting of 7-5 Bobcats had 18 straight losses breaking it last in the last game against the Bulls but they still have a better record then the Cavs who only got 7 wins. Anderson Varejao will be missed in this game and with no capable replacement this one will most likely go to Michael's cats.

Winner: Bobcats

Games played later will all get predictions in the next post!

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